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scores cannot be ignored by the consumer as most creditors will often make a request to obtain your credit scores before acceptance or denial of your application. Good scores given by accounts portray whether you are a safe consumer or a risk to the company. Your application can be denied if you have defaulted or made late payments, if you faced foreclosure and other acts considered risky. Benefits include access to credit facilities, lower interest rates, acquisition of a mortgage, some jobs also demand good credit standing as you will discover with This will also help you obtain cars or other property and a good Tradename for entrepreneurs.

Get Your Free Credit Report and Score

The FCRA is the Fair Credit Reporting Act and it helps you get that free report you need if you applied for a loan and got denied. You should get a copy from annualcreditreport or the reporting bureau that provided the report to your lender. This will help you check if the information there are accurate or if there are right transactions there. It does not matter if you are in California, Georgia, Atlanta, Washington, or anywhere else in the USA as you can get one for free. Check your report for any fraud entries and dispute any wrong information. Check your credit score as well as it is also important for loans.

The need for a good credit report is very high thus it is important that you get it from the three credit bureaus that the United States government has authorized to work on such sensitive information. Three are three major bureaus which includes Equifax, and Experian. You are entitled to a free credit report and a free credit score once each year. Credit reporting is needed by lenders, creditors, employers, and insurers if you are looking for a loan to see how much they would charge you. It would tell you about your bills, if you got sued, or had filed for bankruptcy. Check out annualcreditreport, a Gov site, for your free report.

There is a need for disputing errors and it is a consumer right to do such a thing. You need to have your updated credit report to see if all information is right as it contains information on your bills, any loans, if you had been sued, arrested, had filed for bankruptcy, if you have been paying what you owe. The FCRA, the agency on fair credit reporting, makes sure that the report you get from annualcreditreport, FreeCreditReport is accurate. If there are things wrong, send the bureau an email to tell them about the errors you found so they can investigate such. Ask for your FICO too.

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